What this site is about…

I’ve been slowly learning about social media marketing over the course of the last 3 years, and have helped numerous small businesses in Australia to establish a meaningful social media presence that aids their overall marketing strategy.

I’m here to share what I have learned. This blog will discuss:

  • Why small businesses need a social media presence
  • How to choose what social media platforms to target
  • How to go about setting your social media up
  • What you should (& shouldn’t) post
  • What ‘relevance’ is, and why developing it is important
  • How you can work with other businesses to increase your exposure

Please note – if you are looking to make big money out of your involvement in social media, or intending to be a major ‘influencer’ in your market, this blog is probably not for you.

But if you are a small business owner who realises that you need a social media presence, but doesn’t know where to start or have extensive funds to commit just yet – I hope I can be of some assistance.

Primary platforms I use:
Instagram, Twitter, WordPress.com (blogging), YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn

DIY Social Media Marketing

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