Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

The DIY Social Media MarketerDuring the last couple of years of learning and slowly developing my own website, social media and digital content, I noticed a number of industry terms that are important, but I found needed clarification to be properly understood. This post will try and help demystify some of these commonly used phrases.

Awareness – do people in your target industry or local area know that your business or product exists?  ‘Awareness’ is typically the first step in the traditional ‘Marketing Funnel’ (see below) that focuses on brand exposure. However, it is important to understand who you want to be made aware of you – are you targeting an industry (such as a car parts supplier), or are you looking for clients in a specific geographic location (such as a cafe or a cleaning business)? This will have an impact on how you go about generating that ‘awareness.’

Collaboration – two or more entities working together for a common goal. In digital marketing terms this could involve social media interaction, joint promotions, lead referral or other cooperative efforts between two or more similarly focused businesses.

Content marketing – creating, publishing & distributing online articles, referrals or graphics for target audiences. Typically designed to demonstrate credibility by attracting attention, offering advice or otherwise engaging potential clients.

Hashtags – a subject marker in social media (usually denoted with a #), allowing posts to be linked to broader related topics. Adding applicable hashtags to your social media posts will increase the chance of your content being found when that subject is searched for.

Influencer marketing – the use of individuals with perceived relevance (in the target market) to promote or endorse ideas, brands or products. In B2B marketing, this might involve utilising well known industry authorities, specialist experts or success stories.

Infographic – graphics and visual representations of information you want to present, allowing the viewer to visualise data, statistics or facts and quickly and clearly. Very useful for B2B social media marketing.

Marketing Funnel – an illustration that demonstrates the process a potential buyer takes to go from not knowing about a product/service to purchasing it. The specific names of the steps vary depending on the author, but the typical process is Awareness > Consideration > Evaluation > Decision > Purchase > Loyalty > Advocacy. It is important to understand this process, as your digital marketing messaging will vary depending on which part of the process you are focusing on.

Mentions – a link to a 3rd party account (usually denoted with a @), allowing other businesses or individuals to be associated with the post. Mentioning an account usually notifies the 3rd party of the reference, and can act as a form of collaboration between the party that posts the content and the referred to entity.

Organic Reach – denotes unpaid for social media exposure or search engine results (in contrast to paid for exposure – such as Facebook advertising, Google AdWords etc). In reality, it is much harder to guarantee a strong digital presence without paying – but active collaborations, good SEO practices on your website and regular, relevant social media do help.

Referral marketing – the use of positive feedback and success stories to demonstrate the benefits and value of your product/service. Wherever possible, referral marketing should form part of your digital strategy, as it is well established the such content has a positive influence on potential clients.

Relevance – the degree to which your audience considers your message worth listening to. Relevance is often achieved by demonstrating your expertise and trustworthiness, along with how well you understand the needs of your target audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – the methods and settings you need to apply to your website to assist search engines to find it and associate it with the keywords that best apply to your business. This typically applies to organic (unpaid) results.

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