The 5 Basic Steps to Setting Up Social Media for Your Business

For a number of years now, I’ve been slowly learning about social media marketing, and have had the opportunity to help numerous small businesses in Australia to establish a meaningful social media presence that aids their overall marketing strategy.

Here is an overview of the order in which I believe businesses should set up their social media to be as effective as possible.

Each of the 5 steps listed link to an article I have written with further details:

  1. Choose Your Platform(s)
  2. Set Your Profile Up Properly
  3. Start Building Your Network
  4. Start Posting Regular Content
  5. Interact, Connect, Post, Repeat

It is important to go through this process properly. I see a lot of small business social media accounts that get ‘half set up’ and then abandoned, probably due to lack of interest or results.

So its worth making sure that the effort you put in leaves you with the best chance possible of getting the results you are after.


Social media marketing tips for small businesses B2B

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